Technology as Key Driver for Reduced Insurance Cost

Paul Brady, VP, CIO, Arbella Insurance Group

DeepFraud: The One-Stop Solution for Fraud Detection, Triage, and Investigation

Michael Saltzman, Co-Founder & COO and Tomas Vykruta, Co-Founder & CEO

Most carriers own a tremendous amount of data but their current fraud detection and prevention models—or even the solutions offered by other vendors—go about analyzing just two percent. Our product can analyze and learn from 95 percent of the data

Transforming Insurance Through Collaboration: Three ways to Enhance Partnership Success

Peggy Klingel, Claims Innovation, Strategic Partnerships, Startups, Strategy Development, And Value Creation, Allstate

Citizen Developers Drive Growing DIY Mobile Apps Movement

Stewart Elliot, Chief Executive Officer, Modo Labs

A Customer-centric Approach to Insurance

A Customer-centric Approach to Insurance

Mark Hodes, Founder & CEO, ForeverCar