Insurtech's Real Promise: Growing the Pie

Alexandre Lazarow, Investment Director, Cathay Innovation

InsurTech's hot streak continues

Sam Evans, Founding Partner, Eos Venture Partners

DeepFraud: The One-Stop Solution for Fraud Detection, Triage, and Investigation

Michael Saltzman, Co-Founder & COO and Tomas Vykruta, Co-Founder & CEO

Most carriers own a tremendous amount of data but their current fraud detection and prevention models—or even the solutions offered by other vendors—go about analyzing just two percent. Our product can analyze and learn from 95 percent of the data

Agile Teams Collaborate to Produce Positive Results

Terree Korpita, AVP, Technology Capability Officer, Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company And Unum

Business and IT teams deliver business value in phases while serving customer needs using an agile approach

Preventing, Mitigating and Transferring the Risks of a Cyber Attack

Preventing, Mitigating and Transferring the Risks of a Cyber Attack

Arturo Perez-Reyes, SVP of Cyber and Technology, HUB International

Aiming Big with Data

Aiming Big with Data

Upendra Belhe, Ph.D., Chief Data and Analytics Officer, Gen Re

A Complementary Approach to Cybersecurity and Cyber Risk Management

Tim Callahan, SVP-Global Security & Global CSO, Aflac [NYSE: AFL]

An organizational risk assessment is the first step to truly understanding risk